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Golfing at Harbor Shores

Team Building Activities near your meeting space

This itinerary offers several activities to do during the mornings, afternoons and evenings of your stay. Augment your agenda by interspersing the activities that match or broaden your team’s interests.

Morning: Strengthen bonds

Interacting or conversing is key to these start-your-day activities.

See You In The Morning

You will find more fun to enjoy tomorrow.

Afternoon: Exceed expectations

Here are ways to fire up your team, unify new with old members or flip the attitudes of meeting-weary or jaded participants.

See You In The Morning

You will find more fun to enjoy tomorrow.

Evening: Fortify relationships

These activities strengthen teams by making it easy to talk, laugh and cheer each other on. They are perfect for unwinding on any of the nights you stay over.

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