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Michigan Maritime Museum

The Michigan Maritime Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Michigan Great Lakes and waterways maritime history and culture. The Museum displays exhibits related to the maritime history of the Great Lakes with an emphasis on items from the state of Michigan.

Five separate buildings offer a variety of engaging opportunities for the Museum visitor, including permanent and changing exhibits on Michigan maritime history, a center for the teaching of boat building and related maritime skills, and a regionally renowned research library. Waterfront festivals and events are complemented by the hustle and bustle of a modern harbor and vast sandy beaches in one of West Michigan's most picturesque shoreline communities.

We Are More Than Just a Boat Ride

Our Mission

The Michigan Maritime Museum celebrates, preserves, promotes, and stewards the vibrant heritage and culture of Michigan’s Great Lakes and waterways, through education, exhibition, and immersive experience.

Our Vision

Inspire a multi-generational, educated, enthusiastic, and aware public invested in the long-term preservation of Michigan's maritime heritage and culture.

Core Values

  • Collaboration:  To collaborate with local, state, and national groups with similar objectives interested in building strong relationships to achieve mutual goals.
  • Education:  To provide an educational experience to visitors of all ages through exhibits, programs, classes, events, Friends Good Will, and Lindy Lou that promotes greater knowledge and appreciation of maritime history in the immediate area and secondarily in the Great Lakes region.
  • Fiscal responsibility:  To generate a potential revenue stream improvement, improve safety, or create a healthier operating environment with each financial decision (expense or capital outlay).
  • Preservation:  To acquire and employ appropriate preservation techniques for artifacts, whether images, documents, or objects of significance to our maritime history and balance the benefits of continued use allowing for an authentic experience with education and interpretation.
  • Hospitality:  To provide an inviting and welcoming atmosphere with changing exhibitions that inspire visitors and members to look forward to their next visit and to share their experiences with family and friends.
  • Volunteerism:  To provide a welcoming and stimulating environment encouraging volunteers to participate at our institution, and to use those volunteers wisely in the running and management of our museum.

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