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Fly fishing in many ways is an art form. Like many arts, the basics can be learned quickly but the refinement and personalization are a lifelong passion that manifests in increasing finesse and elegance. Watching a well-seasoned angler cast can be mesmerizing. The flow of the line and lure through the air, and the way that they lightly and effortlessly land on the water, is beautiful. This lightness leads to a very natural presentation of the lure and is key to the success of this fishing style.

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Lest We Forget - Boat Ride

On June 25, 1950, North Korean troops pushed into South Korea. The ensuing three-year conflict pitted South Korea and the United States against North Korea and China. Often called the “Forgotten War” because it is overshadowed by World War II and the Vietnam War, this devastating mark on history "flattened" North Korea with bombings, killing up to 4 million people in both the North and South (although no official records are available). This heart-wrenching conflict never ended and still creates a volatile tension in global affairs.

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St. Julian Winery

When people stop by one of St. Julian Wine Co.’s six locations to taste and purchase their creations while on their Michigan wine tours, what they may not know is that their pours are part of Michigan history and a family’s heritage.

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Peat's Cider Social

Peat’s Cider Social is a family-friendly taproom in a retro bowling alley in Stevensville, Mich., specializing in unique hard ciders and seltzers. How did this interesting combination of family fun and craft beverages come to be? We got the inside scoop from Co-Founder and CMO Leah Peat.


Did you know Southwest Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse region in the United States? That’s mainly because Lake Michigan keeps our climate moderate so by May we start seeing fresh, locally grown vegetables and flowers appearing in our area farmers’ markets and garden centers.

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