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Fly Fishing – A Conversation with Angler Ann Miller

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Fly fishing in many ways is an art form. Like many arts, the basics can be learned quickly but the refinement and personalization are a lifelong passion that manifests in increasing finesse and elegance. Watching a well-seasoned angler cast can be mesmerizing. The flow of the line and lure through the air, and the way that they lightly and effortlessly land on the water, is beautiful. This lightness leads to a very natural presentation of the lure and is key to the success of this fishing style.

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Creators and Makers Tour

This two-day trip highlights all things creative and artistic in Berrien County. Explore these stops at local art galleries, performance venues and fun museums. But creativity isn’t just about the arts. Our local makers have added their own creative twists to their wineries, breweries and distilleries, too. Grab a bite to eat, sample some beverages along the way and let your right brain play in the creative Southwest Michigan.

Make sure to bring along your Makers Trail Passport and Creative Connections brochure to collect stamps! If you don’t have one, you can ask for one as you visit these destinations.

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Blossom Tour

Southwestern Michigan is a treat for your senses in the spring. All across our countryside verdant orchards and vineyards explode in pastel blossoms and sweet scents. Our markets reopen, with trays and baskets of ready-to-plant flowers in a brilliant array of colors. You'll find jars of tantalizing jams and jellies, bunches of just-snapped asparagus, creamy chocolates and palate-pleasing wines and cheeses along the way.

Finding blossoms is as easy as going east from Lake Michigan and exploring Berrien, Cass and Van Buren Counties. Here's one of our favorite routes:

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Pet-friendly Fun

Whether your pet loves time in the country or enjoys being the center of attention in town, Southwest Michigan is the pawsatively perfect place to spend some time together with your best friend.

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