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Kid friendly things to do in St. Joseph, Michigan

A father and child at the Silver Beach Carousel.
Related Member: Curious Kids' Museum, Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Public Library, Silver Beach Carousel, Slackers Family Fun Center & Laser Tag, Watermark Brewing Company, Whirlpool Compass Fountain, The Little Things Play Cafe, Fire & Ice Pizzeria & Creamery

When you’re looking for something to entertain your kids, skip the same local park you always visit. Instead, bring them to Southwest Michigan, where the city of St. Joseph is a playground just waiting to be explored! Museums, beaches, camps, ice cream and treats, along with a variety of additional indoor and outdoor entertainment await you. Here are just a few of the kid friendly things to do in St. Joseph during your next visit.

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Southwest Michigan’s Empty Nesters Freedom Tour

No longer traveling with children? Enjoy your freedom in Southwest Michigan — your four-season empty-nester destination. Experience hours of relaxation, adventure and play time during this three-day tour. So, pack your bags and find life’s simple joys on this road trip.

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Creators and Makers Tour

This two-day trip highlights all things creative and artistic in Berrien County. Explore these stops at local art galleries, performance venues and fun museums. But creativity isn’t just about the arts. Our local makers have added their own creative twists to their wineries, breweries and distilleries, too. Grab a bite to eat, sample some beverages along the way and let your right brain play in the creative Southwest Michigan.

Make sure to bring along your Makers Trail Passport and Creative Connections brochure to collect stamps! If you don’t have one, you can ask for one as you visit these destinations.

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Chocolate & Wine Tour

There are multiple ways in Southwestern Michigan to pair these two foodie pleasures, so check back here in the coming months for different destinations. Let’s get started.

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