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A woman holding a cell phone looking at the Makers Trail Passport in the Southwest Michigan App.

Makers Trail Passport | Creative Connections | Trails Challenge

Visit more places. Score more rewards.

That’s why we created the fun-filled challenges below. The more places you visit, the more prizes you can bring home. 

How to take the challenges

When you visit, you can do multiple challenges while you are here. Download the FREE Visit Southwest Michigan app or pick up a FREE copy of the Creative Connections game brochure at participating venues. Plan where you are going. In a couple of weekends, you can earn one or more prizes from each challenge and have a fantastic time while doing it!

A person interacting with the Visit Southwest Michigan App and checking in to the Makers Trail.

Check in with your Makers Trail Passport

Southwest Michigan is renowned for its craft wines, beers, spirits and ciders. With this challenge, you can find your favorite beverages as you taste your way through Berrien County. At each participating stop, check in on your Visit Southwest Michigan app

The more makers you visit, the more access codes you can collect in your passport and the more prizes you can earn. Each of the 40+ destinations on our flight path has a distinct personality and serves specialties that showcase its maker’s liquid artistry. You can do the Passport challenge from September through May.

A person holding the Creative Connections brochure.

Make Creative Connections with artists, actors and musicians

This challenge wows you with regional and national talent performing at our local theaters, art galleries, museums and concert venues. Show your Creative Connections brochure and ask for an exclusive stamp from each one. The more prize levels you complete between May 1 and April 30, the more rewards you can earn. Stay over in a hotel and get a bonus prize, too.

People walking on the catwalk in the Galien River County Park trails.

Take the Trails Challenge — hike, bike, paddle or do winter sports

The best way to see the diverse beauty of Southwest Michigan up close is on our year-round trails. Climb giant dunes, twist and turn down rugged mountain bike trails, snowshoe in the vineyards, paddle beneath a canopy of crimson treetops, snowmobile across open land and so much more. Start the challenge soon as it's only open to the first 100 who complete it!

To earn the rewards, download the Visit SW Michigan app and explore five area trails. At each trailhead sign, take a selfie and upload it to the app. It’s that easy.

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