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Get a taste of several drinks in one place in Southwest Michigan’s social districts

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You may be wondering what a social district is. We know locals and visitors alike enjoy our local eats and drinks, but they almost always have to choose one or two over the rest at a time. We’re eliminating that choice for you!

We’ve seen several cities implement social districts and we loved it so much, we brought it to Southwest Michigan. Within these social districts, you can purchase food and alcoholic drinks from participating businesses and consume them in outdoor common areas. This means you can window shop, try multiple local creations and support local businesses recovering from the pandemic while you’re at it!

Learn more about our social districts in St. Joseph, Niles, Bridgman and, soon, Buchanan below.

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone is welcome, but only those of age can drink. Only those 21 years and up can purchase an alcoholic beverage in the social district.
  • Purchase at participating businesses. Think of our social districts as one big food court. Grab a drink while you wait for your seat at a restaurant, or come with a group and grab different things, then reconvene. All participating businesses will have signage and social district cups.
  • Finish your drink before you leave. Social district alcoholic beverages can’t be removed from common area boundaries marked by district signage. Make sure to look at the specific boundaries below before you visit. For instance, in St. Joseph you cannot cross Main Street with your drink even though the social district is on both sides of it. Main Street is not included in the boundaries because we want you to have a good time while being safe!
  • Enjoy those drinks outside! Alcoholic beverages purchased at one establishment can not be taken into any other establishment. Lucky for you, we have a fun, outdoor atmosphere where you can enjoy your drinks and window shop. If you see something you like, whether it's food or a neat shirt, finish your drink before going into the next business unless they have signage allowing it.
  • When you finish the last drop, toss the cup. Social district cups are not reusable. If you’d like a souvenir glass or growler, just ask! Several businesses sell their own swag right on site.
  • Leave your drinks at home, we have plenty here. Outside alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the common areas.
  • Drink responsibly and have fun!

The following maps show each location’s social district outlined in blue.
Participating businesses are marked with red stars.

St. Joseph

Participating businesses:

Learn more about St. Joseph's Social District >


Hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. every day year-round

Participating businesses:

Learn more about the Niles Social District >


Hours: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. every day year-round

Participating businesses:

Learn more about Bridgman's Social District >

Stay tuned for more information, including Buchanan’s social district!


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