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We’re fostering a new attitude toward cannabis usage in Southwest Michigan — one where you feel comfortable exploring and we celebrate a unique community that grows, collaborates and creates in our region. Take the Natural Route today for remedy and relaxation, and discover our local dispensaries.

SouthWest Michigan Dispensary




107 Water Street
Benton Harbor, MI

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Green Stem

1140 S. 11th Street, Ste. A
Niles, MI

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The ReLeaf Center Logo

The ReLeaf Center

1840 Terminal Road
Niles, MI

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Beachgrass Events

301 Bowie Street
Hartford, MI

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Is recreational cannabis legal in Michigan?

Yes. While recreational cannabis use is illegal federally, some states have approved it for those 21 and older. Michigan is one of them as of 2018. This does mean you cannot transport any cannabis products acquired in Southwest Michigan over state borders.

How can I use cannabis if I am visiting from out of state?

Cannabis must be consumed in a private residence before venturing out into Southwest Michigan. This includes your hotel room, as long as you aren’t smoking. Smoking in hotel rooms is prohibited.

Can I take cannabis products I purchase home with me?

You can only take the products home with you if you live in Michigan. Even if you live in another state where recreational cannabis is legal, you cannot transport it over state borders or bring it to an airport. You cannot possess more than 2.5 oz of cannabis or 15 grams of marijuana concentrate unless you are traveling to your Michigan residence, in which you can have up to 10 oz of marijuana in a sealed container. If you possess more than that, you will be fined and/or punished depending on the amount.

Do dispensaries accept credit cards?

No. Because recreational cannabis use is federally illegal, banks will flag a charge from a dispensary. You will need to purchase your products with cash. Some dispensaries have a ATMs in their waiting rooms, but it is best to bring your own cash just in case.

What should I know before visiting a dispensary?

The top things to know are you must be 21 years old, you cannot consume cannabis onsite, you must have an ID, you must have cash, you cannot drive while under the influence of cannabis and you should know what you are hoping to get out of the experience. Read more tips before visiting a dispensary in our blog!

Where can I learn more about the laws?

Read more about Proposal 18-1 on the Michigan Legislature website.



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What to know before visiting a dispensary for the first time


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