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Cannabis terms you need to know

A variety of cannabis products.

When visiting a dispensary for the first time, odds are, there will be some common language that you haven’t heard used before in the context. To help you prepare for that, here are some cannabis terms you need to know!

photo of a online and paper dictionary with the term cannabis openSlang and general terms 


A type of flowered plant from Central Asia. Also referred to as marijuana (female cannabis plant), pot and bud. 


This is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that creates the “high” feeling after consumption.


CBD works to create good feelings in the body, different from the “high” of THC. It can contribute to relaxation or pain relief, for example. 

Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

If you are at least 18 in the state of Michigan, qualifying patients can apply for a "med" card, which allows them to purchase cannabis products as a form of treatment for debilitating medical conditions and symptoms. Anyone of any age can legally purchase capital CBD products made from hemp.


This is any material created by refining cannabis flowers, including hash, hash oils and dry sieve. The concentrates have a high potency. 


Also called a provisioning center, this is a business that can legally sell cannabis products whether for medical or recreational purposes. 

Recreational Cannabis

This is the intentional use of cannabis, whether for relaxation or remedy. It can be purchased legally at a dispensary by anyone 21 years or older with a valid government-issued ID. 


The dosage is the amount of cannabinoids in a product. The dose is determined by the titration process which increases the amount of cannabinoids to create a desired effect. 


The hairy or sticky part of the cannabis plant that is harvested for various cannabis products. 


This is the oldest cannabis concentrate around, created from the compressed resin from leaves and flowers of the plant. It creates an elevated experience for smokers due to its high potency. 

A photo of a cannabis plantStrain terms 

Each strain of cannabis comes from a variety of cannabis plants whose characteristics can help you to achieve a certain desired effect. 


Sativa is high in THC, which acts as a stimulant that boosts creativity, fights depression and helps reduce headaches and nausea. 


Indica is a mixture of THC and CBD, which helps it to have a more relaxing and pain relief action on the body. A popular way to remember this is that when you get sleepy, you may lay on the couch; think of Indica as in-da-couch! 


A hybrid is the cross of two different strains. We recommend first timers try a Hybrid strain because the side effects will not be too heavily leaning one way. 


A cannabis strain taken from where it originated and planted in another geographic location.  


This is an Indica strain known for its earthy aroma of pine combined with floral or sweet tones. 

A person rolling a jointProduct terms 


A pre-roll or joint is a pre-rolled cannabis cigarette using non-tobacco papers. This is a good product for first-timers to try. 


Also called vapes, weed pens or e-cigarettes, these are an alternative to smoking cananbis or tobacco. Carts usually have a rechargeable battery that heats the preloaded cannabis that the user inhales. 


Using a small amount or “dab” of cannabis concentrate placed on a preheated surface, the user inhales a concentrated cannabis vapor.


THC, CBD or a mixture is baked into common edible products for the user to eat. Common products are cookies, brownies, gummies, candies and chocolates.  


These are cannabis-infused lotions, balms and oils that are used for pain relief. 


A blunt is a hollowed out cigar that’s filled with cannabis. Blunts come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors. Blunt wraps and cigar papers contain tobacco, so if you’re especially sensitive to nicotine, you may want to stick with a joint. 


Any equipment, products, devices or materials used for cannabis consumption or storing.

Take the Natural Route 

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