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1101 E Front St
Buchanan, MI


Tel: 269-695-2122

7ENGINES is a powerful, mythical name that has its origins based firmly on the reality and history of Southwest Michigan.

In early America, towns like Buchanan, New Buffalo, Sawyer, and Niles were always built no farther than 7 miles away from the nearest town. This was because 7 miles was the maximum distance a train could cover before it would need to restock on fuel or “burn trees” (as the popular expression for smoking marijuana would put it).

Our company name also represents the native Potawatomi peoples’ ideal of Seven Generation Sustainability; a concept that urges the current generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of seven generations into the future. Seven also represents the sacred core values by which the Potawatomi people live. While this approach holds a very powerful local significance, these ideals are equally effective across Michigan and beyond.

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