BLOC | Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council


200 E. Main Street
Benton Harbor, MI


Tel: 269-256-6100

Located in Benton Harbor. Community is the heartbeat of our business. Everyone's welcome to enjoy our cannabis curation — made for people just like you. Maybe it’s a supportive shoulder because you’re not feeling great, or a timely boost for your mental state. Maybe it’s an interesting chat on a mediocre day, or some sleep support so you can hit the hay. Maybe it’s some pain relief because you’re feeling sore, or the perfect hit because it’s twenty past four. We believe in community, connection, and real conversation.

We believe in hugs, good vibes, and high-fives.

Become a Patient:
Before visiting Bloc, you must become a certified patient or caregiver under Michigan's medical marijuana program. To become a certified patient or caregiver, you or the patient for which you are providing care must have one of the qualifying medical conditions.

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