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Ahhh, spring in Southwest Michigan. It is our vibrant, always changing season when winds whoosh through our dunes. Then turn into gentle breezes wafting the sweet fragrance of pastel blossoms from our orchards and vineyards. Spring is when ice formations slowly dissolve along Lake Michigan's shore and the waves roar to life, pounding our beaches and dousing our lighthouses. Yet, moments later, the Lake becomes a rippling mirror reflecting the crimson-gold of another glorious sunset. The days are longer and warmer. Songbirds return. And once again we get a grip on our golf clubs, bike handles, fishing poles, kayak paddles ... and refresh.

Please join us. Our spring fun begins in early March when for a whole month we stretch our imaginations making Lego® creations in St. Joseph.

Soon after, Southwest Michigan becomes a spring break destination. It costs very little to make memories at Silver Beach Carousel, the Curious Kids' Museums, soaring kites on our beaches and playing Marco Polo in our lodgings' indoor pools.

Then comes an explosion of flowers in April and May. The Dogwood Fine Arts Festival in Dowagiac and Blossomtime Festival in Benton Harbor/St. Joseph celebrate this colorful time with shows and parades. In mid May there is BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass in Whirlpool Centennial Park followed by the Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid. You'll find fresh-snapped asparagus in our roadside farm markets and crinoids and beach glass peeking up through the sand.


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