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A variety of food at Plank

Arts & Food tour

From spectacular sunsets that kiss our vineyards goodnight to the simplicity of a perfect heirloom tomato, the natural beauty of Southwest Michigan inspires creativity. Centennial farms rooted in tradition combine with communities transformed by artistic vision. Whether in a kitchen or a glass studio, artists infuse the textures, colors and moods of the seasons into their work. There is no better marriage than food and art — and Southwest Michigan has the best of both! Enjoy a two-day, self-guided tour of our sister cities and get to know their distinct personalities.

Day 1: Artful plates and pieces

Explore a community transformed by the arts, and indulge in local farm-to-table favorites.

See You In The Morning

There are more colorful roads to travel after sunrise tomorrow.

Day 2: Art and history collide

Enjoy the arts in the context of local history. Kids of all ages will have a blast on this beachside tour.

Thanks for joining us!

We hope you enjoyed your travels throughout Southwest Michigan. Check out other trips that you can take on our itineraries page. Happy trails!

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