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Silver Harbor Root Beer

If you’re not a fan of beer, wine or hand-crafted cocktails you might think that the Makers Trail isn’t for you. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are over 30 locations to choose from and each one brings something different to the table. Here’s why each one is worth a try.

One of the rarest treats in Southwest Michigan is our ice wine and it can be found at several locations along the Makers Trail. Some describe this type of wine as liquid gold. Others dessert in a glass. All say it is mmm-marvelous!

During February, professional ice carvers aren't the only artists that amaze us in Southwest Michigan. Nature does her magic this month (and throughout the late fall and winter) along our Lake Michigan coast. Here are some facts, tips and important cautions that local landscape photographer, Josh Nowicki, shared with us:

I am that guy sitting in the snow with my camera pointed at the ground. You can often find me somewhere in the snow around St. Joseph when pretty snowflakes are falling. Frequently, I have had to explain to neighbors and people passing by why I am sitting in the snow taking close up photos of my stocking cap. It is not until I show the display on the back of my camera that they really understand what I am trying to capture.

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Red Top

Red Top is a Southwest Michigan winery offering a new and innovative wine tasting experience. With enticing wines on tap, instead of in the bottle, owners Rockie & Allison have opened their doors to a completely different style of winery. A delightful ten-minute country cruise south of downtown Baroda, MI will place you at Snow Road, where the beacon of a truly wonderful wine tasting journey begins.

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