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Ann Miller with trout

Fly fishing in many ways is an art form. Like many arts, the basics can be learned quickly but the refinement and personalization are a lifelong passion that manifests in increasing finesse and elegance. Watching a well-seasoned angler cast can be mesmerizing. The flow of the line and lure through the air, and the way that they lightly and effortlessly land on the water, is beautiful. This lightness leads to a very natural presentation of the lure and is key to the success of this fishing style.

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AX9A0343 Joshua Nowicki

Spring is a wonderful time to get outside and take photos, and a great subject for spring is flowers. They are easy to find, you can photograph them in any weather and there are a wide range of techniques for creating interesting and beautiful images of them. Here are a few of the techniques I most frequently use.

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Warren Dunes

Southwest Michigan’s dunes are part of the largest freshwater dune system in the world. The state’s dune system is so large that astronauts can see it from space! Here in Berrien County, you are never far from these massive hills of sand. They are visible as you drive I-94 between the Indiana state border and I-94 exit 22, John Beers Road/Stevensville.

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Warren Dunes State Park - hiking the dunes

Warren Dunes State Park, located off Red Arrow Highway in Sawyer, is open all year round. Every season offers a new chance to explore nature, enjoy outdoor sports, take in scenic vistas and enjoy life's simple joys.

I Love MI Stones Nowicki

Michigan’s shoreline is an amazing place for rock hunting because there are a wealth of beautiful stones and plenty of parks and beaches from which to access Lake Michigan.

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