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A variety of beers at The Livery.

Southwest Michigan Brewery Tour

Visiting breweries is a reason to travel, and Michigan harbors more than 150 craft breweries and counting. Nestled among Southwest Michigan's wineries, sand dunes and hoppin' towns are this Lake Michigan-hugging region's contributions to the Great Beer State. Arm yourself with this self-guided itinerary and find your perfect pint. And download the free Makers Trail Passport app to earn fun prizes as you stop at these locations from September to May.

Day 1: Visit breweries in Bridgman, Sawyer and Baroda

Explore some of our popular brewery stops in Southwest Michigan’s smaller towns.

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Day 2: Taste craft beer in Southwest Michigan’s twin cities

Brewery hop in Southwest Michigan’s twin cities, St. Joseph and Benton Harbor.

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We hope you enjoyed your travels throughout Southwest Michigan. Check out other trips that you can take on our itineraries page. Happy trails!

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