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Siegfried H. Horn Museum

The Siegfried H. Horn Archaeological Museum is home to over 8,500 artifacts and objects from the Bible lands. Come explore our seven exhibit halls: Main Exhibit Hall - Experience a life-sized Bedouin tent filled with authentic Jordanian Bedouin antiques. Get up close with a 15th century B.C. Syrian bronze statuette of the Canaanite god Ba'al. Mesopotamian Hall - See a brick from Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar II's name stamped on it. This hall also boasts a replica of the Obelisk of Shalamannesser III. Transjordan Hall - Andrews University's commitment to field archaeology is highlighted with displays of objects excavated from three sites: Tall Hesban, Tall al-`Umayri, and Tall Jalul. Life of Christ Hall - The days of Christ come alive with a three-dimensional model of Jerusalem accompanied by objects from the land where Jesus walked, including 2,000-year-old Roman nails. Classroom Hall - Step into a biblical story line as you are surrounded by murals painted by renowned local artist Nathan Greene. Biblical period artifacts add a real-life touch to Greene's masterful visual story-telling. Egyptian Hall - Walk into an Egyptian tomb to view a sarcophagus and a mummified Egyptian Ibis. View a life-size replica of Tutankhamen's golden throne. Cuneiform Hall - Peruse through the Hartford Cuneiform Tablet Collection which is one of the ten largest cuneiform collections in North America.

Visit us on Saturday afternoons from 3-5pm. Tours are available during the week by appointment only. Not open on major holidays. Contact us at 269-471-3273 or

No admission fee.

Wheelchair accessible.


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