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Lest We Forget

5512 Ivy Drive, Stevensville
Stevensville, MI 49127

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Lest We Forget produces a variety of events and activities in pursuing their motto: "To Brighten the Future, We Must Illuminate the Past." In spring or summer, a weekend event salutes the armed services and promotes patriotism through re-enactments of battles, presentations by Medal of Honor recipients, aircraft and boat rides and displays. Veterans' Day Patriotic Concert, teleconferencing at schools, book signings and auctions are also among Lest We Forget's activities.

Each Veterans' Day, we partner with the Southshore Concert Band for a rousing musical tribute. Actively collecting stories of local veterans, we have produced three books. Several classes have been taught at Lake Michigan College from Civil War, World War II, Korea and Vietnam . We continue to Recognize the Modern Day Wars for the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty personnel.

Portions are handicap accessible, please call for details. Some events maybe pet friendly.

Please see our website for upcoming events www.lestweforgetusa.org 

No Upcoming Events Published By Lest We Forget

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