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Dr. Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

903 Bailey Avenue
South Haven, MI


Tel: 269-637-3251

One of the earliest houses in the South Haven area, this National Historic Site is the birthplace of the Horticulturalist Dr. Liberty Hyde Bailey. Throughout his life, Dr. Bailey worked to make scientific knowledge available to the average gardener. His extensive research, collection, and writings on horticulture specific to the small property owner are still a great resource to professionals and hobbyists alike. In addition to common items used by the Bailey family, the museum contains a collection of items common to farmsteads in the late 19th and early 20th century, such as tools, furnishings, and children's toys.

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum is dedicated to the life and work of Liberty Hyde Bailey, a prominent horticulturist, and botanist who lived from 1858 to 1954. The museum is housed in Bailey's childhood home, which has been restored to its original appearance. Here, you can learn about his life, his role as a professor at Cornell University, and the impact he had on the development of modern agriculture and horticulture. Make sure to stop in the historic garden, which has been restored to its original appearance based on Bailey’s writings and plans. In a way, you are taken back decades ago, learning alongside Bailey with the same exact plants he used. 

Sorry, we're not wheelchair accessible.

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