Delight Your Senses Along the Makers Trail as You Find Life’s Simple Joys | Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council
Two people enjoying wine at Dablon.

Every land has its makers. Ours handcraft award-winning wines, beers and spirits.

Southwest Michigan is home to 39 makers whose liquid artistry will delight your senses. Popping corks, tapping kegs and swirling spirits will enliven your day with tantalizing aromas, delicious flavors, breathtaking views and heart-soaring laughter that comes from being with family or friends once again. 

Our makers and staff are so glad that they can welcome you and help you find your favorites from their collections. And you will discover favorites, as well as food pairings (many made with locally grown ingredients) and talented musicians and artists who will share their passions on our Makers Trail, too. 

Create your island in paradise. 

Finding a place that has space around you is so important this summer. We are doing everything we can to give it to you. To make it easy for you to create a personal island with six feet of room in all directions and to take very good care of you while you are here. Because when you are in paradise, you shouldn’t worry. Only be happy. We hope you will stay as long as you can … and come back often. Life’s simple joys are waiting for you.

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