Finding Southwest Michigan | Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council
Silver Beach Center in Saint Joseph, MI

Map of Michigan with major roads.

Travel Time by Car from Major Midwest Cities
Non-stop to St. Joseph, Michigan

Chicago: 1.5 hours
Detroit: 3 hours
Grand Rapids: 1.5 hours
Indianapolis: 3.25 hours
Toledo: 3 hours

Enjoy a stress-free vacation close to major cities.

Southwest Michigan is easy to get to from major Midwest cities. You can arrive by:

Once here, enjoy getting away from big metro-area congested streets, expensive parking and large crowds. You’ll quickly find the simple joys of life everywhere you go!

Maps & Guides to Fun in Southwest Michigan

Visit our Maps & Guides page to download area maps and activity guides to help you find our Lake Michigan resort towns and countryside attractions. You will quickly know where to go for hiking and biking trails, pet friendly places, fall color routes, farm markets and more. 

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