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Pere Marquette - Amtrak Michigan Rail Services

440 Century Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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Amtrak Michigan rail services has the ticket to your next adventure. Take a ride on the Pere Marquette and discover all that west Michigan has to offer.

One ticket gets you a pass to the beautiful beaches of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, world-class dining and charming historic shopping districts. Or maybe you'd like to see what small town hospitality is all about. Whatever your interests, the train has got your ticket to an extraordinary adventure.

The Pere Marquette (370,371) makes daily evening departures from Chicago Union Station (225 S. Canal St.) to St. Joseph (410 1/2 Vine St.), Bangor (541 Railroad St.), Holland (171 Lincoln Ave.) and Grand Rapids (431 Wealthy St. SW); and daily morning departures from Grand Rapids to Holland, Bangor, St. Joseph and Chicago.

The schedule is subject to change, please check our website for the most accurate departure information.

Portions are handicap accessible, please call for details

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