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The Collective

401 Klock Rd.
Benton Harbor, MI


Tel: 269-999-6944

Located in Benton Harbor. We are a place for people seeking community, true healing, and also methods/practices which are hard to find elsewhere. Whether it's Yoga, Meditation, Strength Training, Wim Hof Method, Massage, Healing Sound, or Trauma-Informed Practices; we are here for you.

If you’re looking for classes and/or private instruction featuring down-to-earth instructors and a relaxed environment - we’re your people! We don’t discriminate here, and that includes religious or medical. We believe in the American ideals of freedom and the pursuit of happiness and your journey toward a happier, healthier YOU is what we live for!

This is also a place for teachers to come and share their knowledge. The idea was always to be more like a “Co-op” and we want our teachers and students to feel like this is their home too!

We will continue to offer new and unusual classes, teachers, events, certifications, therapies, and more! The more people find us, the more we grow.

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