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The Blackbird Waterhouse

4896 Paw Paw Lake Road
Coloma, MI

Tel: 269-468-2473

Located in Coloma. Blackbird is a full-service event center. 

We can host your event in one of our four private dining spaces, or on one of our two patios and offer both informal and formal event services. Whether you are envisioning a simple social gathering or a formal plated event - we can accommodate your request. 

We customize your event to your budget and vision, and we have the space, staff, a range of equipment, and partners to host your event to your specifications. Our property has nearly 7,000 square feet of space and with an acre of property, your guests will have the parking needed. Contact them by email, by filling out an online form, or Call: (269) 468-2473(BIRD)


The Blackbird Waterhouse is housed in a historical Coloma resort-era building. Originally known as the Wil-o-Paw Inn until the 1980s, the location on Paw Paw Lake Road has been host to several restaurants and event centers.  The historical building was established in 1931 by George Klotter, who was also known for beginning development on the Paw Paw Lake Islands, which is now home to several locals in the Coloma community. 

​The front pub was added on in 1941 but with a much lower ceiling. Eventually, the back portion of the building was added in the 1960s, which houses our upstairs event space, main dining room with stage, and the main kitchens. The upstairs in the 60s was an apartment for the owners at that time, part of which is now our offices. Our historic bar was added in the early 80s and is a bowling lane from the bowling alley that used to be housed next door.

In 2014, the building was condemned because of the roof. Nick Bertuca and Bertuca builders acquired the building and got to work preserving this historical Coloma landmark by raising and rebuilding the roof around the entire original building. The front pub now showcases the entire front of the original Wil-o-Paw Inn and is one of our favorite features of the restaurant. From the stone details to the historical story that the aged window frames tell. 

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