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Fourth of July celebrations in Southwest Michigan

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It is officially summer! While the amount of fun and interesting things to do increases during this season, we want to highlight a few to give you a flavor for this year’s offerings — especially our Fourth of July events in Southwest Michigan.

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Culture & Romance Tour

This two-day trip highlights all things artistic and romantic, creating a cultural connection in Southwest Michigan. Explore these stops at local art galleries, performance venues, restaurants and shops, and take scenic strolls. Not only is this itinerary a chance to see our unique creative work, but a chance to experience it with your love. Let the dialogue of a play accompany the chorus of your laughter and the symphony be a soundtrack to an evening together. Enjoy a romantic meal paired with local craft beverages. Better yet, this two-day getaway doesn’t need to be reserved for just Valentine’s Day or anniversary weekends. Plan an overnight trip for quality time together just because and enjoy! 

Make sure to bring along your Makers Trail Passport and Creative Connections brochure to collect stamps! If you don’t have one, you can ask for one as you visit these destinations. Adjust the ordering of these stops and your plan for the day as needed!

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History & Architecture Tour

Southwest Michigan has proudly preserved many of its Victorian-era homes, downtown buildings and colorful past. This two-day tour will introduce you to the people and events that shaped what we are today.

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Beer-illiant Brewery Tour

Visiting breweries is a reason to travel, and Michigan harbors more than 150 craft breweries and counting. Nestled among Southwest Michigan's wineries, sand dunes, and hoppin' towns are this Lake Michigan-hugging region's contributions to the Great Beer State. Arm yourself with this itinerary and find your perfect pint.

While you can certainly do this tour a day-at-a-time, it's a lot more fun to pitch camp at one of these locally owned or national chain lodgings in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph or Stevensville. Most offer a complimentary breakfast and a solid launching pad to hit up some nearby breweries over an extended stay.

Want a designated driver? No problem! Check out Southwest Michigan's transportation services to ensure you can have your beer and drink it too before safely turning in for the night.

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