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Morel Mushroom Hunting Q & A with Olivia McCrevan

Morels - Photo by Joshua Nowicki

Morel mushrooms are a mysterious and highly sought-after spring delicacy. Because they are extremely hard to farm, they must be foraged from where they naturally grow. Where and why they grow is the subject of much debate and lore. Temperature, moisture and types of trees in the area are important factors, and variables like distrubed ground, burned areas and clearcuts all can be key, too. It can be mystifying why some years an area will produce well and others produces none. People who frequently hunt for morels usually have a preferred set of conditions that they consider ideal. But finding them comes down to a combination of research, patience, training your eyes and luck. Two things are for sure when it comes to morels. Spring is the time to hunt and no one is going to share the location of their secret, best spot(s) so be prepared to do some footwork.

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Fresh-Air Fun

Space to think. Space to feel carefree. It’s what you will find all year-round in Southwest Michigan. Here is an invigorating, three-day itinerary to get you outside and loving every minute of it.

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Blossom Tour

Southwestern Michigan is a treat for your senses in the spring. All across our countryside verdant orchards and vineyards explode in pastel blossoms and sweet scents. Our markets reopen, with trays and baskets of ready-to-plant flowers in a brilliant array of colors. You'll find jars of tantalizing jams and jellies, bunches of just-snapped asparagus, creamy chocolates and palate-pleasing wines and cheeses along the way.

Finding blossoms is as easy as going east from Lake Michigan and exploring Berrien, Cass and Van Buren Counties. Here's one of our favorite routes:

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Pet-friendly Fun

Whether your pet loves time in the country or enjoys being the center of attention in town, Southwest Michigan is the pawsatively perfect place to spend some time together with your best friend.

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