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The Electric Cars: A Tribute To The Cars at The Acorn

Event published by The Acorn

The Electric Cars stand as more than a tribute band - they are agents of an era, bringing the timeless 1980s hits of The Cars to a new generation. 

With a set that includes classics like "Just What I Needed," "My Best Friend's Girl," and the hit ballad "Drive," they faithfully recreate the magic of The Cars' chart-toppers, taking audiences on a nostalgic journey through the band's greatest hits and deep cuts. New Wave pioneers, The Cars, were the soundtrack of a generation. "The Cars" launched as one of the most successful debuts of all time and stayed on the Billboard charts for 139 weeks, crowning the group Rolling Stone's Best New Artist in 1978. 

The auspicious guitar and synth sound in "Moving in Stereo" provided the score to an unforgettable scene in the 1982 classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and "You Might Think" delivered MTV's first-ever Best Video of the Year in 1984.

The Electric Cars evoke the magic of The Cars' influential music, bringing the band's artistry in its fullest form to the stage. They ensure that The Cars' legacy as New Wave trailblazers lives on in celebration of an unforgettable era in music history.

Admission: $25-$50

Contact: Acorn Box Office Team

Tel: 269.756.3879


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