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Listen for Jonny & Meagan from 98.3 The Coast to visit breweries, wineries and distilleries around the Makers Trail here in Southwest Michigan!

Meet The Makers Podcast

Season 3

Episode 1: Free Run Cellars

Episode 2: Red Top Winery

Episode 3: Karma Vista Winery


Season 2

Episode 4: Vineyard 2121

Episode 3: Round Barn Brewery & Public House

Episode 2: Lehman’s Farmhouse

Episode 1: Gravity Winery

Bonus Episode: Makers Trail 19th Hole


Meet The Makers Podcast

Season 1

Episode 1: North Pier Brewing Company

Episode 2: Dablon Winery & Vineyard

Episode 3: Silver Harbor Brewing Company

Episode 4: White Pine Winery

Episode 5: 12 Corners Vineyard & Winery

Episode 6: The Livery

Episode 7: Watermark Brewing Company

Episode 8: Journeyman Distillery

Episode 9: Tapistry Brewing Company

Episode 10: Arclight Brewing Company

Episode 11: Lazy Ballerina Winery

Episode 12: Baroda Founders Wine Cellars

Episode 13: Haymarket Brewery & Taproom

Episode 14: Domaine Berrien Cellars

Episode 15: Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant

Episode 16: Hickory Creek Winery