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Welcome! It’s easy to plan a wonderful stay in Southwest Michigan.

In Southwest Michigan, there are so many great choices of lodgings and things to do. This page makes it faster to pick the places you want to stay and things you can’t wait to do. It takes just a few minutes to customize an exceptional plan that you can easily use and share with others. Let’s get started!

Where to stay

  1. Click “Choose from Our Hotels” in the main navigation.
  2. Select a hotel from the list.
  3. Click the “Add to Your Trip” button. Click “ok.” To add more hotels to your plan, repeat the sequence.

Things to do

  1. Click “Things to See & Do” in the main navigation.
  2. Select one of these categories from the drop-down page: Tours & Attractions, For Foodies, Outdoor Recreation, Creative Connections, Shopping or Parks and Nature.
  3. Or enter Breweries, Wineries or Distilleries in the main navigation Search.
  4. Click on the attraction that interests you, then click the “Add to Your Trip” button. Click “ok.” To add more attractions to your plan, repeat the sequence.

Edit or finalize your plan

  1. Click the numbered triangle icon above “SEARCH” in the upper right corner.
  2. To remove an entry from your plan, click the garbage can icon next to it. Then click “ok.”
  3. Go to the “Share Your Trip” section at the top of this page for your plan’s unique URL. Use it to see your plan, share it with others joining you on your trip or let family and friends know all of the fun places you will be visiting in Southwest Michigan.

See you soon!

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