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Foodies: Culinary Fun in Southwestern Michigan

Southwestern Michigan is one of the few places in the United States where food and fun come together with delightful splendor. Lake Michigan tempers our climate so we harvest a bountiful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our communities seasonally showcase this deliciousness in local farmers' markets, roadside markets and u-pick farms. Such goodness also attracts talented chefs, winemakers, microbrew and spirits masters, cheese makers, bakers, food crafters and innovative inventors of world-class kitchen appliances (we're home to Whirlpool Corporation, including its KitchenAid® brand) and that makes us a foodies' paradise!

To celebrate our region we're gathering recipes that feature locally grown foods. Please submit your recipes (our staff will review each before posting) and check here often for new favorites to add to your culinary collection.

Submit recipe here.

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